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Virtual Consult

Babb Orthodontics is adapting to the changes brought about by the arrival of COVID-19. Thus, we are offering you the opportunity to start your orthodontic treatment from the comfort of your own home.

Steps to Your Virtual Visit:


  1. Schedule a video consult with our Treatment Coordinator and/or Dr. Babb using the link below.                    

  2. Take the 5 requested photos using spoons to retract the lips and cheeks (see below for examples and tips for great photos).                                                                            

  3. Text the photos to 412-343-5100 or email to:

  4. Dr. Babb will review your photos and then she or a team member will be in touch regarding next steps.



Tips for great photos:

  • Take timed selfies or have a friend/family member take the photos.

  • Make sure the flash is ON.

  • Relax your lips.

  • Try to capture only your teeth/lips.

  • Most Important: Keep your teeth biting together! Make sure to bite on your back teeth (*see photos).

Requested Photos:

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