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Dr. Babb understands that while orthodontics is generally a necessary part of a teenager's life, it's not everyone's favorite part of growing up.  That's why we work hard to make our office a friendly, welcoming place where teens can feel comfortable asking questions about their treatment. We offer a number of esthetic options that will make orthodontic treatment less noticeable.  Dr. Babb will recommend the treatment option which will be most efficient for your teen. Finishing in a timely manner is important to us! 


     We offer the following products for teen patients:



A series of clear plastic aligner sets that are changed every 1-2 weeks to gradually straighten the teeth.  Invisalign Teen® is a popular choice because there are no food restrictions, a major bonus for all popcorn lovers! Also, because they're removable, brushing/flossing is much easier than compared to traditional braces.  However, they only work if they're worn 20 hours/day so responsibility is important.  Most teens will be a candidate for this treatment option - as long as parents approve!


Clear Braces

These braces are ceramic and blend in with the teeth so they're barely visible.  They're glued to the teeth just like traditional metal braces and use wires and clear or colorful ties to help straighten the teeth. 


Metal Braces

These are the traditional brackets, wires and colorful ties that most parents and teens will recognize.



Some teens won't need any treatment at all.  In these cases, we'll recommend retainers that can be worn nightly to help maintain that perfect smile.


During the initial consultation. Dr. Babb and her team will explain which treatment option is best for your teen. Sample models of all options are available in the office so that you're able see/feel what to expect with Invisalign Teen or traditional braces!


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