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(Ages 7-12)

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The American Association of orthodontists recommends a child has his or her first orthodontic evaluation at age 7.  Don't worry, most 7 year olds won't need treatment, however, at this age Dr. Babb can recognize any developing orthodontic problems and recommend active treatment or monitoring as needed.


Children between ages 7-11 will likely fall into of the following treatment categories:


Growth Supervision

We will monitor your child's growth and tooth development at periodic recall appointments, usually every 6 months, until they're ready for treatment.


Phase I Treatment

Phase I treatment, or "early treatment," is only recommended in cases where Dr. Babb recognizes a developing problem such as a crossbite or severe crowding. Phase I treatment generally involves an expander to make the top jaw wider and/or partial braces to align the teeth into their proper position to prevent any harm or unnecessary wear to the teeth/gums.


Comprehensive Treatment

A small percentage of kids in this age range will already have a majority of their adult teeth present and be ready for full treatment with either braces or Invisalign Teen. 


Dr. Babb understands that every child has his/her unique set of dental and facial issues and she will individualize her treatment plan accordingly.  The need for growth supervision or active treatment will be thoroughly explained during the complimentary initial consultation.


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